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A new adventure awaits at Secret Pride Stables! Come be a part of our Mounted Archery Club and ride on our Team, Secret Pride's Mounted Archers, LLC. We are amongst the first mounted archery clubs on the Delmarva affiliated with the Mounted Archery Association of the Americas (MA3). I am planning on being listed on the National Instructors Registry and am looking forward to receiving my IHAA gradings. With our team and club members we look forward to particpating in Gradings, Postal Matches, and maybe eventually be able to host our own competitions.

So sign on up and let us be the ones to introduce you to the world of archery on horseback! As always safety is our upmost concern so to begin this adventure:
  • We will start you on foot and review important safety measures
  • Get you properly equipped and educated with the assistance of our Archery Instructor. You will eventually need your own shooting glove, armguard, bow, arrows, quiver and riding helmet
  • Ensure you are ready to handle your bow on horseback with balancing exercises and training skills before getting started on your horse
  • And finally mounting up and taking your first shot from horseback (you must already be a capable rider to participate in mounted archery, Intermediate 1 level riders preferred, qualified Novice riders accepted)
  • From here on up we will continue to develop our skills both on and off the horse, and begin to introduce and participate in different drills, courses and training

    Archery requires balance, coordination, accuracy, a calm and composed demeanor, precision, and patience. With practice you gain abilities in drawing your arrows, nocking them, and handling your bow. To become a skilled archer, the above list is important and requires dedication and practice, not to mention we are doing this on horseback!

    So here we are taking an old art into new times, come and learn the skill of horseback archery. Mount up, nock it, aim and shoot!

  • Private Unmounted Lessons: $45
  • Group Unmounted Lessons: $40
  • Private Mounted Lessons: $70
  • Group Mounted Lessons: $50
  • Bow Rental: $10/session
  • Package: $150....One bow correctly fitted to archer, six custom arrows, one private unmounted lesson

  • When it's time to purchase your own archery equipment, be sure to contact:

    No Frontiers Archery

    To become an MA3 Member (Mounted Archery Association of the America's) visit:

    Mounted Archery Association of the America's

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