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Riding Release Form
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Horseback Riding Lessons for all ages
Our Secret Pride Stables LLC riding program is very unique and educational. Everyday you step foot onto the farm, your learning begins! We take both pride and care when teaching you all about horsemanship from the ground up and take time in planning a well rounded horse experience. There are currently over 80 students in our lesson program and we are always accepting more! There is much to offer at Secret Pride Stables LLC.

We teach English Disciplines specializing in:
Equitation, Dressage, Huntseat, Eventing, Working Equitation, mounted archery and Pleasure/Recreational Riding

And Western Riding Lessons specializing in barrel racing, recreational riding, working equitation, mounted archery and western dressage!

Tell us your goal - and we'll do the rest!

  • We teach ALL ages!!! Both young children and senior adults benefit from what horseback riding has to offer!
  • Experienced Instructors comfortable working with all ages, specializing in hunters, dressage, eventing and western riding!
  • We have a variety of lesson horses (17!) for all levels of riders!
  • We welcome beginner riders and up with Hello Horse and Rider Evaluation lessons!
  • We want our students to be well rounded equestrians and encourage horsemanship lessons as well as riding!

    You may be a beginner when you arrive, but soon enough you will be a responsible, successful and confident EQUESTRIAN!


    Introductory Lessons:

    Horsemanship classes $25....want to learn more about barn management and horse care? This session is for you! Spend an hour learning a specific topic to help you become more horse savvy!

    Hello Horse $ an introductory lesson which is great for welcoming a beginner. In this lesson extra time is spent getting familiar with the horse and equipment. You will also spend time in the saddle learning basic riding skills such as walking, halting and steering. You may even get to trot in this session!

    Rider Evaluation $ great if you have ridden before and would like to pick up where you left off or where you are comfortable while being evaluated for your current riding level

    Standard Lessons Descriptions and Pricing:

    Private Lessons: 1/2 Hour - $40.00 ~ 1 Hour - $60.00....are very beneficial as it gives the student one on one time making it easier for the rider to advance quickly. Special time can be spent working on specific things with undivided attention. Private lessons are recommended for your first few lessons. Once able to ride with a group, it is recommended to take private lessons now and again.

    Semi-Private/Paired Lessons: 1 Hour - $40.00 ....take a Semi-private lesson with someone in your same riding ability or a friend. Paired lessons is when two riders are chosen by the instructor to share a lesson together. This is very beneficial for riders who are working on the same skill, or for riders who want to ride with someone else but not a larger group!

    Private/Group Lesson Prices:
    hour private: $40
    1 hour private: $60
    1 hour semiprivate: $40
    Group lessons: $35

    Seasonal Lesson Packages: 12 one hour private lessons $550 (MUST BE PAID IN FULL AT TIME OF PURCHASE)

    Spring Package: March 21st - June 20th
    Summer Package: June 21st - September 21st
    Fall Package: September 22nd - December 20th
    Winter Package: December 21st - March 20th

    Specialty Lessons:

    Tiny Tots Lesson Program $ a leadline lesson for children of 6 years and younger. Time is spent getting your child comfortable on a horse. Exercises and games are played to build confidence and balance.

    ASRC/Summer Riding Club/Homeschool Riding Club $ our most popular riding program. Kids come after school to spend some time in the saddle! It is a group lesson that is both organized and fun! The lesson plans change every week so all aspects of english riding are covered. This program runs during the school year only. We also run a daytime riding club for homeschool children per request!

    Eventing Lessons: Eventer Fridays and Three Phase Days $40.00 - $60.00.....Come join us on our scheduled eventing lesson days. Three phase days are held on Fridays when there is no school. This day is for the serious rider....In the morning time is spent warming up and doing a dressage 'ride a test'. After a lunch break riders are back in the saddle for a stadium jumping course then it is off to school...cross country that is! At the end of the day scores are tallied and awards are given! Our Eventer Fridays are every Friday from 4:30 - 6:30. A group lessons rotating lesson plans based on dressage, stadium jumping, and cross country.

    Hunter/Jumper and Equitation $35.00....Held on Mondays after school from 4:30 - 6:00. Lesson plan specializes in hunter/jumpers and equitation. Great for novice/intermediate level riders!

    Mommy and Me Lessons $70.00 (Same price for any two family members)......are great fun! Spend some extra quality time with your child (or any family member) while sharing a great passion together!

    Keep track of your rides with our fun progress tracker/riding journal! $25

    Milestone Lessons

    (Purchase your Milestone Book today! $30)

    Milestone Lessons, Test Sessions and Patch Days $40 - $60......Milestones are the building blocks to becoming a successful rider. As you learn through the steps you excel in many ways as a true horseman. Milestones start as basics for the beginner/novice and can carry you as far as Dressage or Hunter/Jumpers all while being a balanced, secure and confident rider. Purchase a Milestone book to help mark your progress!
    Complete a level and earn your patch in a Milestone Test Session or a Patch Day $45.00

    Earn your Patches in our Milestone Program:
    "True Beginner": New to horses and ready to learn from the ground up. Learning how to control a quiet school horse at the walk and trot and can stop the horse. The beginner rider is still finding their balance and getting comfortable with the horses movement.
    (Milestone 1)

    "Beginner": understands common safety practices while working around the horse. Is balanced to walk halt and trot while applying correct riding aids and maintaining position. Able to sit and post the trot in rhythm with the horse and is understanding posting diagonals.
    (Milestone 2)

    "Advanced Beginner": this rider can mount and dismount unassisted. Can ride independently at the walk, and trot the shapes of the ring while maintaining rhythm. Is comfortable with and can maintain position at the halt, walk, trot (sitting, posting, and 2 point). Can trot a ground pole course. This rider is ready to canter!
    (Milestone 3)

    "Novice": this rider knows basic parts of the horse and tack. They are comfortable tacking and untacking the horse without assistance. They are learning to canter while remaining balanced and in control of the horse. They are understanding their leads and can walk, trot, canter in both the full and half seat position. This rider has been introduced to small jumps.

  • Milestones 4-8
  • Canter groundpole course with leads
  • Level 1 Jumper (18'')
  • Intro level dressage
  • Working Equitation L1 Introductory
  • Mounted Archery

  • "Intermediate 1": this rider shows seriousness in their riding and has sound equitation skills. Can ride w/t/c with ring shapes and simple changes, knows what diagonal or lead they are on and can correct quickly. can stop the horse from any gait. This rider has an independent seat and can ride without stirrups and is ready to be introduced to the basic principles of dressage and jumping. This rider is gaining knowledge in stable management and abides by the rules of the ring and emphasizes safety on and around horses.
  • Milestones 9 - 12, 15 - 25
  • level 2 jumper 2' -2'3
  • Training Level Dressage
  • Elementary eventer
  • Working Equitation L2 Novice A
  • Mounted Archery

  • "Intermediate 2": this rider can perform flying lead changes on a school horse, can apply variations to the gaits, turn on the forehand, turn on the haunches, and lateral movements. This rider also understands basic concepts of jumping as well as related distances and stride lengths for jumping, can hand gallop lengthen and shorten strides and understands lateral and longitudinal bending/suppling
  • Milestones #13, 14, #26 - 28
  • Level 3 jumper (2'3-2'9)
  • First level dressage
  • Beginner Novice Dressage Tests A & B
  • Beginner novice eventer (2'7) SJ (9-11 fences) XC (14 - 18 obstacles)
  • Working Equitation L3 Novice B
  • Mounted Archery

  • "Intermediate 3": this rider is capable of riding basic dressage tests correctly and/or jump a course while maintaining a steady tempo and being able to negotiate strides and distances. This rider can spend a long time in the saddle and can canter for prolonged periods of time and has galloped in a controlled situation. This rider can ride the horse forward from leg to hand with impulsion, rhythm, regularity and evenness of pace.
  • Milestones #15 & 16
  • Level 4 jumper (2'9-3'3)
  • Second level dressage
  • Novice Dressage Tests A & B
  • Novice eventer (2'11) SJ (9-11 fences) XC (16 - 20 obstacles)
  • Working Equitation L4 Intermediate A
  • Mounted Archery

  • "Advanced 1": this rider has experience with green horses. They understand training principals and how/when to apply them. They have a good sense of balance and timing. Has knowledge in different disciplines, can show successfully and works in harmony with the horse with invisible aids to the audience. This rider recognizes true quality of movement and can influence the horses way of going.
  • Level 5 jumper (3'3-3'9)
  • Third level dressage
  • Training Level Eventer (3'3) SJ (10 - 12 fences) XC (20 - 24 obstacles)
  • Working Equitation L5 Intermediate B

  • "Advanced 2": This rider understands sophisticated concepts of horse movement and has sound methods of training and can perform advanced maneuvers in their riding style. This rider is capable of riding/training green or difficult horses.
  • Level 6 jumper (3'9 and up)
  • Fourth level dressage
  • Preliminary level Eventer (3'7) SJ (11-13 fences) XC (22 - 30 obstacles)
  • Working Equitation L6 Advanced

  • "Advanced 3": This rider can compete successfully at upper levels: dressage, hunters, eventing
  • Dressage: Prix St-Georgews, Intermediate 1 (relatives advanced), Intermediate 2 (advanced), Gran Prix (Highly advanced)
  • Hunters: Regular working hunter, 4'
  • Show Jumper: Grand Prix International Level
  • Eventing: Intermediate (3'9) SJ (12 - 14 fences) XC (26 - 34 obstacles) Dressage Int. A and B
  • Eventing: Advanced (4'1) SJ (13 - 15 fences) XC (3'11) Dressage Adv. A and B
  • Working Equitation L7 Masters

  • Additional Patches:

    Come test your skill set as a mounted archer! In this lesson we will review safety, practice hitting the target unmounted and then saddle up and practice shooting with your bow and arrow from horseback! Complete this lesson and you will earn a SPS mounted archery patch!

    Additional Programs:

    Horse Leasing $30.00 - $ great if you are ready to take that next step! For more info on this program please visit our horses for sale/lease page!

    Barn Chores for a Free Ride *Free* for Secret Pride Stables hard working and truley responsible devoted students. Students are given a list of chores to be completed successfully and they will be allowed to have free riding time. Students must be approved for this program. This program is granted as a privaledge and chores need to be completed responsibly. Available for regular riding Intermediate 1 (and above) students only

    Barn Days $70....On days that there is no school, we hold what is called "barn day". Barn days are fun days when you can come out to the barn, learn, play games, do activities and have a riding lesson or two! Barn day begins at 10:00 a.m. and is over at 3:00 p.m. Don't forget to pack your lunch!

    Pony Days $35.00.....runs from 11:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. It is for ages 7 yrs and younger. For the younger equestrian who wants to spend more time with horses! Your child will spend time in the saddle, make a horse related craft and each lunch with us!

    ~ Summer Camps $350....Monday - Friday 10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. Please visit our Summer Riding Programs page for more information on what we have to offer this summer!

    CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE - Three days til Competition $200/week ......Wednesday - Friday 11:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. Please visit our Summer Riding Programs page for more information on our summer schedule!

    CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE - Pony Parties $300......(CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE)schedule a party your child will never forget! For more information on this program please visit our Pony Party Page!

    Visit our IEA page to learn more about our Secret Pride Stables IEA Team, Can You Keep a Secret......Be a part of our SPS IEA team if you love to show and want experience riding different horses!


  • Lesson discounts for students who board their horses with us!
  • Refer a friend and get $10 off your next lesson!
  • Join us for our next Open House Rides for a free mini lesson! Check our calendar for the next available time!
  • Horses are matched to their rider based on rider knowledge, experience, and discipline.
  • Save $5.00 by using your own horse
  • Have horse...can't travel? Call for our travel rates, we can come to you!

    Horse Discovery Center (click this link for more info)

    For more information on our programs please feel free to call us!

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  • For the safety of our students, handlers and horses there is a SPEED LIMIT of 8 MPH, please adhere even if you are running late!
  • Please no visiting dogs allowed on our property
  • There is NO SMOKING in the barn yard
  • Please arrive for your lesson 15 minutes prior to your scheduled lesson time to assist in preparing you horse/pony
  • Please arrive appropriately dressed for riding
  • Lessons must be paid for prior to or during scheduled riding time, if you fall behind in payments by the end of the month, your regularly scheduled lesson will be cancelled for the following month until payments are made current
  • If you consecutively miss your scheduled ride time three times in a row, you may lose your slot
  • If you fail to cancel your lesson by 9:00 a.m. on your lesson day you will be charged a $15 late cancellation fee
  • If you do not show up for your scheduled riding time - you will be charged for your lesson in full
  • Weather Cancellation Policy: Lessons may be cancelled if
  • ~ The temperature or wind chill is below 25 degrees
  • ~ Winds exceed 25 MPH
  • ~ There are tornado/hurricane warnings
  • ~ There is severe rain/hail/heavy snow/thunderstorms
  • ~ If you are concerned about the heat, here is how to tell if it's too hot to ride:
  • Temperature + relative humidity - wind chill
  • If total is under 130 it is safe to ride
  • 130 to 170 ride with caution
  • 180 or higher - TOO HOT TO RIDE!
  • If you are unsure - please call (443)235 - 8835

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