Meet the Staff!

We would like to formally introduce you to all of our horses who take part in teaching and training us humans to ride and care for them!

Secret Pride Stables Equine Team:
Beginner Horses
Horse Information Description Lease/Sale
Urban Delight (Felisha)
Age: 34
Height: 15.1h
Color: Sorrel
Felisha has been around longer than Secret Pride Stables itself! As my first horse and "teacher" she has been an important part of my riding career since she became mine in 1994. At age 32, Felisha is now retired and enjoys spending her days in company with her daughter June. Unavailable
Say the Obvious (Cash)

Age: 15
Height: 15h
Color: Chestnut
Breed: QH
Gender: Gelding
Cash...everybody knows Cash! Named after the dollar sign on his forehead he is a farm favorite and a very special horse! Cash has been a Secret Pride resident since the age of three. His incredibly calm and patient dispostion enables him to teach beginners of all ages. Unavailable
Shiver me Tembers (Tember)

Age: 13
Height: 15.1h
Color: Dun
Breed: Grade
Gender: Gelding
Tember is loved by all! Tember steals the hearts of a lot of our students learning to canter and jump coureses. He enjoys showing in the hunter ring, dressage ring, and going to events! He was a PMU baby and certainly has an in your pocket personality! Unavailable
Chino del Frappe (Chino)

Age: 18
Height: 15.2h
Color: dunn leopard appaloossa
Breed: Appaloosa
Gender: Gelding
Chino is a super laid back guy who enjoys teaching beginners the basics. unavailable
Sweet Sugar Thistle (Avry)

Age: 15
Height: 15h
Color: Bay Paint
Breed: APHA
Gender: Gelding
Avry is our fancy painted horse. With one blue eye and one brown he catches a lot of attention and has quite the personality! Avry is great at teaching riders to canter and strengthens them as a rider! He is also a fun little dressage mount or to pop over some small fences. partial lease Available
The Riddler (Riddle)

Age: 13
Height: 12.2h
Color: strawberry roan
Breed: welsh pony
Gender: mare
Super cute, Super sweet, a nice quiet pony who likes to lure you in with her beautiful big brown eyes, see her in the show ring this season! unavailable
Novice Horses
Mischief Maker (Higbee)

Age: 21
Height: 17h
Color: bay
Breed: TB
Gender: Gelding
Higbee is new to our lesson program and we are very pleased to own such an awesome horse! Higbee is no stranger to the hunter ring as his previous owner was very involved in competing him. So far he seems to be enjoying it here with all the kids and farm animals keeping him entertained!
Partial Lease Available
Midsummer Nights Dream (Puck)

Age: 5
Height: 13.1h
Color: fleabitten grey
Breed: Welsh
Gender: gelding
Puck is a guest here at SPS and is a very nice little pony. At just age 5 he enjoys jumping and should make a nice addition to our intermediate lesson horses. He also recently particpated in our first IEA show, we are so unavailable
Intermediate 1 Horses
Maggie Mae Magoo (Maggie)

Age: 8
Height: 15h
Color: strawberry roan appaloosa
Breed: Apaloosa
Gender: Mare
Super awesome mare just welcomed to our program. She is currently riding with novice riders walk trot and our intermediate riders are bringing along her cantering and jumping! Magiie would love to have her own special rider to show her this season! partial lease available
The Real Deal (Vega)
Age: 13
Height 15.3h
Color: Black
Breed: TB
Gender: Gelding
Vega an OTTB (off the track Thoroughbred) stays busy working on his dressage and jumping. After some time being full leased out Vega is back to work and plans on being more active in our lessons and IEA program! unavailable
Intermediate 2 & Level Up Horses
Juniper Breeze (June)

Age: 18
Height: 15.2h
Color: Fleabitten Grey
Breed: QH/Lipizzan
June (Felisha's daughter) was sired by a Lipizzan Stallion Favory II Materia I. June is ridden by our Intermediate 1 students and is a wonderful teacher both dressage and jumping concepts. She is also taking her knowledge outside of the ring and being introduced to some cross country! Full or Partial Lease Available
Wiggle Room (MIA)

Age: 15
Height: 15.1h
Color: Chestnut
Breed: TB
MIA, great grand daughter of Secretariat, is coming along wonderfully at Secret Pride Stables and makes me proud every day! Ridden by our intermediate riders and maybe soon welcoming some novice students as well, she has learned so much since we got her a few years ago! She is an awesome mover and has unlimited potential with a natural knack for dressage and a lively energy for jumping! MIA will certainly be blossoming in the show ring this season!
Partial Lease Available

Witches Secret Brew (Salem)

Photo credit: Dianna Adkins Cockey

Age: 13
Height: 16.1h
Color: chestnut
Breed: TB
Gender: Mare
Salem is a beautiful unraced TB mare who is certainly an eye catcher. Even though Salem is not a regular in our lesson program she sometimes likes to participate in our IEA lessons!

Secret Pride Stables Team Biographies:
Now that you've met our horses, here is some info on the people that you will find around the farm that are always willing to lend a hand!

Jacinda Farm owner and operator, Head Instructor/Trainer, Stable Manager Jacinda is the Head Instructor at Secret Pride Stables LLC. Since she first sat on a horse at the age of 10, she knew her life would forever revolve around horses. She had started this facility in 2004 with the goal of making an educational riding school for horse enthusiasts. She has over 16 years of experience in teaching riders of all ages from the ground up. She focuses on a balanced, centered seat and teaches methodically in improving the rider's knowledge and effectiveness to enhance the horse's way of going. Correct equitation equals successful riding in all disciplines and therefore, a successful performance from your horse. Her students excel in the dressage, hunter/jumper and eventing.
Mr. Joe Farm owner and maintenance/repairman and any other hat you need him to wear, he does it all! If it is broken, Mr. Joe can fix it! He does a wonderful job keeping our farm safe and maintained. Joe is also a wonderful Auto Mechanic so if you need your car tuned up during your lesson, he's your man!
Mollie Assistant Instructor
Specializes in Hunters!
Mollie is a local school teacher who has been riding for 18 years. She is a pony rider at heart but has experience riding everything! Mollie specializes in hunters and equitation. She has competed at local and rated shows with much success. She was also president of the equestrian team at two Universities and wants to share her knowledge with all types of riders!

Katie Assistant Instructor
Specializes in Eventing!
Katie has been riding since she was 10. During her youth of riding, Katie competed in many different disciplines with her mare Callie: from hunters and equitation to barrel racing and pole bending, to eventing and jumpers. Katie specializes in eventing and has been competing in the event world for 8 years. She has shown up through training level and has competed on many different horses. She has learned from different well known professionals in the event world and looks to spread her knowledge to our students. Katie also spent a year of her college career competing with the Salisbury University equestrian team, where she learned more about the equitation and hunter world.
Caitlin Assistant Instructor
We welcome Caitlin to our program this year as an instuctor.

~Forever Missed~

Gold Ensign - Premonition - "Remi"
March 3rd, 1999 - June 9th, 2011

"I think she came into your life to inspire you on your path to do something greater...but she wasn't meant to be a part of it, just to show you the way." ~M.T~
"Remi, you will be greatly missed, such a great spirit ~ You just needed more room to soar"

Hersbrucker Hops - "Katie"
April 26th, 2018

An Empty Bridle
An empty bridle hangs upon a wooden peg in the office
An empty halter with the faded memories of what was
Covered in the orange tint of sand from your last days you walked with us
Faded colors from the good times you had
The bridle is wrapped delicately together
Holding in the good rides
Still black and white
Hardly broken in yet by the rides that were not
The bit a shiny silver like your mane
The bridle so new - so unused
Not as used as it should have been
It hangs as memory of what was and what never will be
It will never be wiped down of the dust that is to build upon it
as that will wipe away pieces of you
It will never be worn be another as that might replace pieces of you
It is just an empty bridle but it means so much
It holds love and sadness
The emptiness of this bridle was once filled of a beautiful face
I can still see it
Ears facing happiness and curiousity
Forelock soft laying gently over a sloping forehead
and then the browband
beautifully cautious eyes always kind
an elegant face beholding the epitome of beauty
and then the noseband
tapered down to a perfect pink muzzle of musical whinnies
between the reins once was a beautiful neck
building muscle replacing times of weakness
someone hurt you but why?
I can't comprehend as I -
still grieve for you
the first time i saw you
so thin and so hurt
but you closed your eyes as I pet your face and you knew
everything was going to be okay
the last time i saw you - healed
your head in my lap
I kissed you and told you that you were beautiful
and then you slipped away
leaving behind an empty bridle
that now hangs on a wooden peg in the office
wrapped delicately around memories of you
- Jacinda Panzenhagen - Fico

Thank you for reading up on our beloved equines, they hope to see you soon!

2012 Secret Pride Stables LLC